Stick to Your Knitting Don’t Get Distracted By Flashy Opportunities

Over the last two months we were presented with several opportunities for expansions, marketing and change in business directions. Two of them include expansion possibilities while others would have moved Lifemoves in very different directions.

We needed these distractions to learn several lessons including: how real estate transactions work, what makes sense to our brand and our strategies and to refocus us on our core business. The idea of expanding was something that was in our strategic plan, however it was premature. At the same time it was very exciting to have two opportunities end up in my email inbox. Being the curious-natured person I am, I had to explore. I spoke to many friends, family members, mentors and business coaches.
I figured out through this difficult process where my business needs to be both operationally and financially to meet the requirements of an expansion. I also learned that an opportunity not taken does not mean an end to a dream, just that it wasn’t the right path.
Another big lesson is that there will always be opportunities presented to you, always people wanting to sell you something. I now ask myself these questions: “With what I have going on now, can I afford the resources (time/money/people) to explore this?”; “Does this fit into our core business and meet our brand requirements?”; “What direction would this opportunity take us?”; “How would this affect my relationships with my family, our clients, my friends and mentors?”
Opportunities are always flashy and exciting. It is flattering to be approached for TV roles and expansion. However, can you still meet the needs of your core business while taking on the new role or responsibilities? Can you be world class in these new endeavours?
I am working on building Lifemoves into a world-class brand. Our focus is health, wellness and lifestyle programs for clients with disabilities, chronic medical conditions and/or injuries. We help them transition from medical treatment into community-based health and fitness programs. That is what we do. That is who we are. That is our knitting; in the end we want to have knitted a world class brand called Lifemoves and have helped thousands of people Get Moving For Life.
“Stick to your knitting; in the end you will have knitted something.” – Father
We are re-focused on what needs to be done in 2009 – 2010 as Lifemoves moves into is 3rd year.
Alfred Ball

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