Seeking the Peak: Growing Your Business While Maintaining Fitness

I am finding that growing my business while maintaining my fitness and training for Seek the Peak is the toughest thing I have done in a long time. May brings spring flowers and university students looking for work after final exams.

In April, I had several applicants seek employment as Kinesiologists at Lifemoves. This is exactly what I want – to be an employer who is sought, not one who is constantly having to advertise. While trying to interview our applicants and determine whether or not we wanted to add them to our team, I was still managing a client load of 140 sessions in April.
This meant that some of my time that had been dedicated to fitness training was taken up by business development and team building, as were my weekends and evenings. At first, I was worried about not getting enough training in. However, I have become comfortable with the fact that I have to figure out the 20% that will get me 80% of the results in my training.
As a strength and conditioning coach, I know that if I am training three times per week, I can still achieve my goal of finishing Seek the Peek (though, maybe not as fast as I want). Besides, my “A” goal this year is the Grouse Mountain Run in September. As an entrepreneur, I know that the past three weeks, and perhaps the next two or three, will be very busy as I get three new Kinesiologists and one part-time administrator integrated and orientated. I am comfortable knowing that the guidance they need will be temporary, and I will be able to get back to 5-6 days per week of more intense training soon.
This short term investment in our new team members will pay big dividends in the next 3-6 months. Even though there is a lot to be done in this next phase of Lifemoves, I am very calm and very focused. Sixteen kilometers uphill is going to be a challenge; my first step back to my program was to run 10 kms in 59 minutes. There are six weeks left of training and two weeks to taper before Seek the Peak 2010. Tomorrow, even with our Move for Health Day event, I will complete my strength training program.
When your life moves and suddenly your schedule or the demands on you change, remember to be a little flexible with how you manage your fitness and health. To reduce stress, find creative ways to fit it in. Here is a great article written by my friend and fellow Kinesiologist, Nicole Yamanaka, for entrepreneurial moms (and dads too): Fitting Fitness in With Kids.
How do you keep on track with your fitness despite the constant demands of being an entrepreneur?

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