Seeking the Peak: Learning to Lead the Climb

Learning to lead the climb to the peak is forcing me to grow as my business grows. We just hired two Junior Kinesiologists (1st and 4th-year students) and one who recently graduated. Brielle and Nicola started their first week at Lifemoves by standing at our Move for Health Day table.

This was a quick, reactive opportunity on my part to introduce them to the gym, members and our clients while celebrating a World Health Organization initiative. The timing was actually very good. Even though putting the event together was a bit hurried, it forced me to learn to delegate and trust that the tasks I give others would get done (not easy for an only child). We now have a base for Move for Health Day in the future.
I am not sure if I was looking for, or received, as much direction when I first started working for Fitness World in 2000. I believe I was told to do a job and I figured it out mostly by myself. I succeeded despite a lack of leadership from my immediate managers. Perhaps after the first couple of weeks, and with the proper direction, our new employees will figure out how things run and become more independent while taking more initiative.
These proteges are young, willing to learn and open to me leading them. At the moment they ask for direction. What I need to do is unlock the talent that lies within them and show them the way in a supportive manner that does not involve too much hand holding.
I don’t know the exact path we will take to reach where I want to grow my business, but I do know our ultimate destination. I am learning that when I am asked a question, I need to be more confident about the next step and answer, even if it means deferring and doing more research. I will do whatever I know how to do to help my team be successful. For me this means that they have a sustainable client load and are engaged on a day-to-day basis in areas they are passionate about.
I am confident that Nicola and Brielle will be successful and I am looking forward to Leah joining us in mid-June. There is a difference between management and leadership. With a vision, I know I am capable of leading my team of Kinesologists on the climb towards fantastic opportunities.

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