Seeking the Peak: Staying on Track with 80/20

Staying on track with the 80/20 rule to maintain my Seek the Peak Training has not been easy. I work right down the road from the North Shore mountains and in a gym! Imagine my excuse being, “I don’t have enough time.” What will our clients think?

As an entrepreneur, I will do anything I need to in order to ensure that my business is successful. Sometimes that means putting in extra development, administrative and clinical hours. These past three weeks have been very full with interviewing, hiring and integrating three new Kinesiologists and one part-time administrator, while managing new and current clients. Once these new people are integrated, I will have more time to train.
In the meantime, July 4th is fast approaching. Here is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. When you have limited time, what is the 20% that will get you 80% of the way? Eighty percent is still very successful.
For me, the 20% that will give me an 80% return (an excellent investment) is being able to run for 2 hours or sixteen kilometers and have the power to stride up to the top of Grouse Mountain. My training sessions have dropped from six days per week to three: one power-endurance session, one Lactate Balance session and one endurance day. I am keeping my head on straight by focusing my attention and intention on improving my key performance indicators, just like I do in my business.
Today I came close to sleeping in, but instead I rolled out of bed and ran 11.2 kilometers in 65 minutes with an average heart rate of 15o bpm (approximately my MaxVO2), before training four clients. Including a two-week taper, I will still reach the 16 km distance before race time. What are your excuses? How do you stay on track towards your goals and stay confident?

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