Nutrition Strategies Key for Peak Performance

Nutrition is often a forgotten part of achieving your peak performance in both athletics and business. As an entrepreneur, I am getting back to what I learned while competing in biathlon — that it’s not just about nutrition for endurance sports, but also about experimenting with different parts of my training to have my best race and be my most productive.

I clearly remember a cross-country skiing race in 100 Mile House. The night before, I hydrated extremely well, had a very good, complex breakfast four hours before the race, and then ate a banana thirty minutes before my start. This led to what I believe is one of my best cross-country skiing races.
Achieving your peak in business and athletics is about the preparation as well as the final performance. During my training for the Grouse Mountain Run, I am experimenting with different nutrition strategies. I am also exploring a more minimalist diet that gets back to live, raw, non-processed foods.
Nutritional Strategy for Seasonal Best Grouse Grind – 41:46 min:
  • Drink 2 Liters of water the night before.
  • Night Snack before 9 PM – whole wheat bagel with a tablespoon of almond butter, handful of blueberries and a nectarine.
  • 6 AM – whole wheat bagel with tablespoon of almond butter, 1 golden kiwi, 1 cup of blueberries, 1.5 liters of water.
  • I brought an apple for on the way, but forgot to eat it. I used it for recovery instead.
*This is not a prescription of what to eat. This is only what I tried and what I know works for my body. Do what works for you. *
The fruits are full of electrolytes and are simpler to digest than cereals and grains. This idea came from Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw experiment where he has a breakfast full of fruits. With more planning, I am going to try this next time.
How do I feel? I used to include a coffee before the Grind. Today proved that I don’t need the extra boost from the caffeine. My body felt calm, focused and energized. Next week I am going add more fruit to see what happens. Remember: all of these were consumed at least 1 hour beforehand.
As an entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to improve my productivity, and nutrition is a key component. Perhaps I can eliminate or reduce my dependence on nutritionally void coffees by just adding the right types of fruits and grains in the morning. This will save me money at the coffee shops too!
Nutrition and Raw Food Websites:
The Raw Food Project – provides different raw food recipes proving that raw food doesn’t have to be boring carrot sticks.
Nutrition List of Common Fruit – gives top links for protein, nuts and grains, etc.
Raw Running Experiment – Tim’s experiment on running with using a raw food diet.
Cultivate Your Health – Holistic Nutritionist who can provide more detailed and individualized nutrition coaching.
Remember that nutrition is only one component of peak performance. Today I also had an interval training plan with a goal that wasn’t time based. I focused on the process and let time take care itself. It was nice to end up at the top with a new seasonal best of 41:46 min.
What is your pre-hike or trail running nutrition strategy?

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