4 Strategies to Jump Start Your Motivation

How to Stick to the Plan and Get Things Done:
Sometimes sticking to the plan is difficult on those days when you are not motivated. I woke up this morning not feeling very energized, but I already had an ascent of the Grouse Grind planned. Even though it took me a while to get myself organized and out the door, I did get up the mountain today.

What got me going, even if it was later than I planned? It was remembering the feeling of being on the mountain, the feeling I have once I crest over the top and how empowered I am after completing another goal.

I remember training for Biathlon and there were days when I woke up not feeling like training, but I went anyway because I knew how much I enjoyed being out on the snow, at shooting practice or in the summer, on my roller-skis.

During times when you are lacking motivation or feel that all the tasks or training sessions that you are doing are not worth it, here are four strategies to boost your motivation:

  • Evoke Positive Emotions: Take time to evoke any positive memories and emotions you have with what you are about to accomplish. I remembered how beautiful it is to be outside moving my body and how amazing the view is from the top of Grouse.
  • Ask Why: Ask yourself why you are doing it. Maybe it is what is on the other side. Today for me the answer was, “I am training for the Grouse Mountain Run in September.”
  • Think of the Accomplishment: Sometimes just the feeling of accomplishment is enough. Just knowing how you feel after your training is done adds a little charge. I looked forward to the endorphins.
  • Change Your Voice: Change what the voice inside your head says from “I can’t do it” or “I am too tired” to “I can do it” and “I have lots of energy.” You will be amazed how changing your internal mantra can uplift your spirit, enliven your motivation and help you tackle anything that you previously really didn’t want to do.
  • Get Started: Build momentum by getting started. Take the Action Step, as defined by David Allen of “Getting Things Done,” towards what you planned to do. This morning it was gathering everything I needed to go up the Grind. This included my pass, water and heart rate monitor. Taking the first action lead to another action of me leaving the house. I got over the original inertia and now had momentum to get me to my destination.

Use these strategies the next time you are lacking motivation to get you kick started. Let me know how they helped and share your own motivation tips in the comments section below.

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