Sprinting Up the Grouse Grind

Today I decided to train my ability to sprint up a mountain. Think I am crazy? As an entrepreneur I am always pushing against the grain and trying to do things a little differently while still following in the strides of those who succeeded before me.

This training session’s focus was stick to the plan by executing the plan properly and evaluating the process. Time up the Grind takes care of itself.

At the beginning I set two goals: 1. Go as fast as I could go during the 30 second sprints. 2. Recover and stay within the recovery heart rates for two and a half minutes (155-160 bpm). My mind did drift to thoughts of, “How long is this going to take me?” and, “Will this result in a new seasonal best?” I caught myself and re-focused on my pace with the knowledge that time takes care of itself without any interference.

These intervals are tough, especially as I built up some lactic acid during each one, which never fully flushed out during recovery. Each sprint started with different challenges like the terrain becoming steeper or getting caught behind people on a narrower section and not being able to pass due to safety concerns.

The Garmin has different tones for high, low and in goal as well as a count down to the next interval and I’m starting to get used to them. It’s something that Polar never seemed to grasp; they used same tone for everything so you had to always look at your watch.

Recovering was challenging. I am used to pushing my heart rate to 170-185 bpm during the Grind. The recovery intervals were supposed to be between 155-160 bpm. Try lowering your heart rate while going up hill! Sometimes I found myself having to check back in and slow down to recover properly.

View Details of the Training Session:
Includes heart rates, elevations and a player to watch the changes with Google Maps.

My final push was again from the second timer around to the back of the chalet. This is feeling much stronger, though today I wasn’t quite as quick nor was my heart rate up to the level it was last week. I set my recovery period to last until I reached 120 beats per minute. This is to evaluate my fitness. Generally, the faster you recover, the fitter you are.

Final Grind time today was 43:25. This includes about one minute to change workouts on my Garmin because I chose the wrong one when I started. I am getting faster on the first section and I feel that I could push myself a little more when I reach the top section where there are more rocks as you crest up to the finish and into the open.

Sunday, it is time try a lactate usage session.

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