8 Easy Ways to Post More Often to Your Blog

As the chief, cook and bottle washer, I find it difficult to post frequently to my blogs. Finding easy ways to write more often will help engage your readers, keep them coming back for more and referring their friends. Since my holiday in August when I wrote several posts for my three blogs, I have found it difficult to write consistently. “That’s Not a Blog Post” by Amanda Vogel and the comments it elicited reignited my writing.

Some responses to Amanda’s article were that small business owners who didn’t blog “were simply lazy.” The counter argument to that is that we are far from lazy. In fact, we are really busy doing other things instead of blogging. I know I was. My last entry here was September 28th. Do I think that I don’t have the time to write? It is amazing what beliefs we allow to sink into our mindset that become truths.

Here are some ideas to help you post more often to your blog:

  1. Set a Schedule for Writing: Pick a time of the week when you feel creative and when you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Get an Idea Book: In ProBlogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income, Darren Rowse suggests taking an hour to write as many ideas as you can to see if you have enough for a blog. You can do this idea dump every few weeks. Another option is to carry around a notebook for writing down ideas. I am always coming across news items, conversations and other observations that inspire me. Use one idea that sparks your imagination on that day.
  3. Write on the Commute: I figured out how to use MS Word 2007 to publish to my blog. I now try write as much as possible during my 40-minute commute.
  4. Start Writing: The toughest part of writing is starting those first words. Stop editing the first sentence and just write. The piece will start to form and change as you write. Finish the first draft then edit until you are satisfied that it is ready to be published.
  5. Write When You are Inspired: Sometimes you can be inspired by something and have the urge to write. This is a good time to write.
  6. Perfection is Not Profitable: Fiona Walsh, a business coach, once told me this and as a reformed perfectionist it resonates within me. Each post doesn’t have to win awards. The more often you write, the easier it becomes and over time your writing will improve.
  7. Keep it Short and Simple: Since blog posts are not meant to be university papers, stick to 500-600 words or less. Knowing that you only have one subject and the post needs to be short alleviates much of the stress of having to write a lot. When it becomes too long, see if you can split it into several topics which can be saved and published at different times.
  8. Make Writing Part of the “Other Things”: David Allen of Getting Things Done inspired the notion that you have to know what you are doing and what you’re not, and be comfortable with not doing those things. Make writing a part of what you do to build your business. Is there something else that you can delegate that will then open up more time for you to write?

Do you have any other suggestions?

5 thoughts on “8 Easy Ways to Post More Often to Your Blog

  1. Hi Alfred.Great tips here and thanks for referencing my blog post above! I want to comment on your tip #5 about writing when you are inspired. When I sat down to write my "That's Not a Blog Post!" post, I was only semi-inspired. I had a loose idea of what I wanted to write about. Then I found that silly picture, which ended up being the jumping-off point and inspiration for the post. It unexpectedly tied everything together. My tip: I've found that sometimes the image you decide to use is just a nice complement to the post, and sometimes it serves as inspiration for the words you write.Alfred, I hope to see you in my blogging session at Can-Fit-Pro so you can share what works for you with other fitness pros! Amanda

    • Amanda,
      I remember you mentioning wordpress at a session about blogs. It took me three years but I am exploring it finally. Even posting nicely from the WordPress app on my phone.

  2. HI Alfred:Thanks for the reminder that we shouldn't let perfectionism get in the way of us moving forward. I know when I started writing my blog, I wasted a ton of time and energy worrying about getting everything perfect. Now I just enjoy the act of writing. We should have that attitude towards everything we do in life! Congratulations on launching our blog.Cheers,Fiona

  3. Alfred, very useful points. I know as a team we are always looking for writing inspiration, and often we are 'paralysed by our analysis'. Time to just start putting into words what your long time clients appreciate about you, your insight, knowledge and humour. Thanks for the kick in the butt. Ryan Jobswww.coastalfitness.ca

  4. Fiona, Amanda and Ryan,Thank you for all your great comments. There is a lot inspiration out there when we open our eyes. Also, I find that the idea of what I was writing when I started often takes a different and unexpected direction (often better). Enjoying the act/art of living – great attitude to have. Waiting for the perfect moment puts us in a holding pattern that prevents us from getting things done and from learning.Amanda, I am seriously starting to consider Can-Fit Pro this year. Regards,Alfred

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