Avoid a Mental Tantrum: Persevere and Be Resilient

On Christmas Eve I TRIED to go snowshoeing, some things that were out of my control got in my way, but I did not throw a mental tantrum. Resiliency and perseverance are traits of successful entrepreneurs. Every day we are thrown various curve balls that might also be on fire. How you handle them changes your perspective, outlook and feelings of success. What do you when your plans don’t work out? Do you have a plan B or C? Or do you adjust your goals? I chose to do both on Christmas Eve.

Heading up to Grouse Mountain with my new snowshoes in hand I was eagerly anticipating what the fresh snow would feel like under my feet. For the first time would I feel like a penguin, a duck or like I going for a regular everyday hike? It was drizzling, about 1° C and slightly windy in North Vancouver which often means it is snowing on the North Shore mountains. The resort was operating the blue gondola Christmas Eve because the red one “acts as big sail during high winds,” as quoted by a friendly Grouse Mountain staff member. He also informed the long line of Japanese tourists, locals and myself that there was a possibility of us being “stuck” up there for a couple of hours due to high winds.

This I didn’t mind, all I wanted to do was get up there – even if it was a bit wet; I didn’t have anywhere to go afterwards until later in the evening. Several gondolas later, it was now my turn; six minutes later I would be putting my snowshoes on. Just as the gondola doors were opening, they closed again. They announced that the mountain was now closed. Yes, I was disappointed, but why get stuck in this emotion? I turned around, thanked the staff, wished them a Merry Christmas and set a new goal of completing my 30 – 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise that day in the gym, after an early lunch.

However, when I tried to open up the doors of the lunch place at 10:40 AM, the owner said they were closed until noon. Not wanting to wait around I decided to console myself with a wonderfully sweet hot chocolate at Brazza then head to the gym. So, just like water flowing around a boulder in the river, I too went with the flow without throwing a mental tantrum. I finished with a solid 45 minutes on the treadmill and feeling great that I had moved my body during the holidays – a time when most people abdicate responsibility for their own health, chalking it up to “the way the holidays are.”

I didn’t mind not going snowshoeing, there would be another day. I managed do the second part of the plan for the day which was 30 – 45 minutes of physical activity, just on the treadmill instead of snow. Success!

Resiliency gives you the ability to bounce back and feel successful, while perseverance gives you the capability to accomplish great things!

(Author note: mental tantrum was coined by a Grouse Grind friend)


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