How to Get Unstuck – Resolve to Achieve

We are all guilty of being stuck reciting our stories over and over. Whether it be tales of the past, traumas or otherwise, being stuck in the present, habitually repeating the same routines or believing that we are forced to stay in a job that we really don’t like or no longer serves us. This is the year when I leave those stories behind me. If you want something different from your life in 2011, do something different!

Reflecting on the year is almost a rite of passage at the end of each year. We review our accomplishments for the year and set our RESOLUTIONS for the next. Now is a time to pat ourselves on our back for 2010 and set new goals for 2011.

2010 was the year that I started adding themes to each year, first with “Seeking the Peak.” “Seeking the Peak” will never end for me, however it did enable me to focus on achieving high standards, something that my father tried to instill in me from a very young age. A couple of years ago I left Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar with the mantra “I set the new standard” ingrained into my psyche.

In 2010, I pushed some of my physical boundaries to achieve a 38 minute Grouse Grind, completed Seek the Peak(16km from Ambleside Park to the peak of Grouse Mountain) and achieved a level peak physical fitness that I have not seen for myself in nearly 10 years. Financially, I decided it was time to start living in a cash positive state, rather than subject myself to the enticement of credit cards and the “gotta have it now” mentality. I slashed my personal debt; 2011 is when it will be gone.

One of my peak experiences was volunteering along-side my father during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics at the same venue. This year I tried grow my business hoping, expecting that a few things would go my way, some did, several did not. What surprised me is how I took the risk of interviewing and hiring over-the phone and found two great employees; one is still working for Lifemoves®, the other was only here for a self-directed summer co-op. I took risks, I made mistakes, I learned, I succeeded, I moved on and became stuck.

In 2010, I tried to wait patiently as Steve Nash Sports Club merged with Fitness World; I got stuck waiting for things to change, things to move which prevented me from taking action on several initiatives. I also became stuck in the excitement of hosting bigger and bolder events and wasn’t watching the financial picture as much as I should have been. There I was stuck – needing to have the best of graphics and video for our marketing when there were things I could have done that “would do” and would have moved us in a forward direction.

Marketing slightly below your brand standards doesn’t mean that it is forever. It is a for now that will get your business name, services and products in front of potential clients. For example, using the tools we already have access to Lifemoves® will be adding more videos on YouTube in 2011; perhaps, not with HD or the world’s best camera, however as Fiona Walsh said to me “perfectionism is not profitable,” in life or in business.

At home, each day started and finished the same way. Each day was a comfortable routine, that was feeling uncomfortable, yet took very little thought or effort – stuck again.

Learning to Move On – Getting Unstuck

It took a Christmas shopping trip to the bookstore to get me unstuck. I was looking for gift books when I stumbled upon “Stuck: Why We Can’t or Won’t Move On,” by Anneli Rufus. With its bold title “STUCK” staring at me from the shelf, I had to pick it up.

It described exactly how I was feeling – like there was more to life – and I was stuck in a sticky mess that I was having difficulty getting out of. After flipping through a few pages I knew I had to read it. Stuck describes in great, detailed, poetic and entertaining prose why people become wrapped in the past, present, the future, habits (good, bad and ugly), jobs and trauma and how to get unstuck. Ms. Rufus doesn’t mince words or sugar coat ideas instead she challenges your thoughts in order to wake you up.

The first chapter had an immediate impact. It set the theme for 2011 – Unstuck. This year will be all about finding my voice again, expressing how I feel and doing things differently than I have before knowing that I have choices. I am not stuck going to the same coffee shop each morning I am choosing to go the same place. Perhaps, there will be days when I go elsewhere, but I am not enslaved to this habit.

I didn’t have to wait for January 1st. On Boxing Day I went snowshoeing for the first time in a very, very long time.

First Steps to Becoming Unstuck in 2011

We all have choices. We all have habits that are either destroying us or building us. Start the journey on being unstuck by making one conscientious choice today that is different than you normally would have. If you choose to do the same at least go forward saying to yourself – “I am choosing to …” It will change your entire outlook on life, you might just stumble upon happiness while you are at it. To achieve a different life in 2011 than in 2010, each decision you make needs to be different. Resolve to take action each and every day.


Stuck: Why We Can’t or Won’t Move On

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