Stay Happy by Redefining Success

What do you immediately think of when someone says “I am successful”? Most often people think of the attainment of wealth or celebrity, however it can be much simpler to be successful all you have to do is achieve an aim or favourable outcome.

Take a good look inside and around you. You have the power to be successful and really define what that means to you. It appears too many people think that being an entrepreneur is about chasing vast amounts of wealth, but instead the monetary return is a reward for creating value. Being a successful entrepreneur is about going out every day and being able to create the value for our clients, our community and our employees.

The only way to be successful is set goals, take action and achieve them. There are many layers to success, health, relationships and finance. Many people become unhappy by defining their success as others see it – massive amounts of wealth or having the latest gadget or stylish home.

Each day set a few aims to accomplish – picking up your socks from the floor, having a good breakfast, calling your parents, going for a walk with your partner or making that call you dreaded then go get them done.

Then take sheet of paper and write down “today I am successful because I ______” and fill in the blank with has many things as you can think of. Read the list, smile and share.


Today I am successful because I finished and sent the Lifemoves Newsletter

Today I am successful because I completed a post on chronic pain for Get Moving for Life Blog.

Today I am successful because I wrote this blog post for you.

The next step for a successful day is to get in my own movement training.

How are you defining success?


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