Are You Networking or Connecting?

7 Steps to Staying Calm During Opportunities and ChangesHave you ever gone to networking events and been completely turned off? Does being handed a business card by someone without even so much as an introduction feel like being spammed? When that happens all I want to do is Delete, Delete, Delete!

Are you frustrated when going to networking events doesn’t bring results? Networking should be called relationship building. During a recent Vancouver Entrepreneurs meet up we were challenged to introduce ourselves as our name and our profession then not to talk about businesses at all! Then ask a unrelated question of whom we met.

Hi I’m Alfred, I am a Kinesiologist. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working on your business?

The purpose of this was for us to connect with our peers on a deeper and more spiritual level. We were also tasked to ask “how can I be of service? What is your greatest challenge?”  If we could make a connection or provide someone with assistance we needed to do it right there an then.

That evening I felt more connected to the people at my table than those I would normally meet a networking event. It is important to build relationships with as many people as you can. Perhaps those we meet might not be able take advantage of our services or products, but they might know of others who may. Alternatively maybe, just maybe there is a way that you can connect them with others who can help. Think about creating long term meaningful relationships.

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