Who I Am

Alfred Ball Profile 2013

I am Alfred Ball, Kinesiologist,  CEO of Lifemoves Health Rehabilitation, husband, son, author, cross-country skier, trail runner and more.

Why I Write

One of my earliest memories of writing fictional stories is of me sitting down at a computer while hanging out in a house my dad was renting for his small software business. Copies of these fictional stories are still in my possession. Before and after I learned to write my mother who was a children’s librarian read many wonderful stories to me; I want to create similarly vibrant imagery. This love of writing continued throughout high-school when one my poems was published as part of an English studies project.

It was midway through my university anatomy class (a full year course) while I was considering switching my degree program to creative writing when my mother said to me “you can write in any field.” That conversation helped me complete my B.Sc. in Human Kinetics. It also turns out she was right!

In the past and sometimes even now, I had difficulty expressing myself verbally. Possibly due to low-self esteem that developed after being bullied in late elementary school and high school. My writing is my voice which enables and empowers me to express thoughts I wish to share. Although I have been published in several health and fitness magazines a dream of mine is to be a book author. Thank you for sitting down to read and for being my audience.

A more complete bio is available on my company website Lifemoves.


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