Grow Your Business by Becoming Its Architect

I have now been a Kinesiologist for 10 years. Most of that time has been working for others and solely focused on my own success. As a business owner and entrepreneur it is now time to figure out what I do on a regular basis that keeps in me in high demand, why I am respected by my peers and well regarded by my loyal clients.

Understanding what processes I have, how I deliver and where I am positioned will enable me to duplicate this and find others with similar skill sets who can succeed within my business. As a leader I strongly believe coaching our employees enhances our business.
It seems as though not many small businesses have their business processes documented. Lifemoves certainly did not. In 2009, I figured out that I needed to document all our processes so that we can effectively deliver the “Lifemoves Experience” which is our brand. We want every interaction anyone has with us to deliver a consistent feeling.
How we grow from two Kinesiologists to multiple locations without duplicating myself and keeping me as the creative entrepreneur is through business process management. I have started to document how I deliver my Kinesiology services using Lombardi Blueprint.
Blueprint is an effective and easy way to literally create a blueprint for your business, which you can communicate to stakeholders. At the moment I am not concerned with how I want my business to be, but rather how it is. We are focused on documenting the “As-Is” flow diagrams.
In the fitness industry it is widely known that members stay longer if they are involved in other services such as group exercise classes or personal training. We are including our clients, team members and others who are touched by our processes to fully understand how they perceive us and what their interactions are like.
This is a long-term endeavour, but intuitively I know it will have long-term payoffs. We will be able to implement systems that can be duplicated in other locations, document problems as well as make suggestions for improvement. This will remove a big well that stands between us and massive growth.
I encourage all business owners to take a look at Lombardi Blueprint and become an architect of your own business.