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Start spreading the news.  Welcome to the year of the dragon. I am excited that Lifemoves is poised for big growth in 2012. This means that we will be adding more content and looking for more ways to share information in all of our blogs: Get Moving for Life, What’s Moving at Lifemoves and this one.

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Alfred Ball
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Getting Noticed in the Blogosphere

I am relatively new to the whole concept of blogging and it has been a long time since I created my own website using basic HTML (1995). We usually have the superb team at Graphically Speaking make additions/changes to our website. However, in an effort to save my money and learn more about the subject, I decided to venture out on my own.

One of the points of the three blogs on the Lifemoves website is for myself and my company to establish credibility. Second, it is to engage our readers and provide useful and relevant information for them.

Sure, we could write posts until we were sick of writing, however we need to find readers. So, I diligently went down to my local book store and purchased, ” The Rough Guide to Blogging” by Jonathan Yang. It is segmented into great little chapters about the ins and outs of blogging, including a list of some of the top blogs in various categories.
There are two ways to get noticed and have people follow you: one is having an RSS feed and second is to be listed on blog directories. Sometimes I do things backwards. I created an account at Technorati, a huge blog directory and tried to claim my blogs without having the RSS feeds. Technorati gets you to put a post on the blog and add an RSS with a code to identify the post as yours.
After a couple of hours of mucking around with a desktop RSS Builder and Adobe Contribute to create the feeds and icons to the blogs, I figured out a simpler solution. Using the feed builder at Ice Rocket and Feedburner to create the feeds and editing the template HTML to add the icon, I was finally successful. With a little bit of trepidation I submitted our blogs to Technorati again. Eureka, it worked!
If you own a blog and aren’t on Technorati, do so today. There are all kinds of tools, widgets and blogs to help you get noticed. There are a few more steps, like adding a description, placing keywords and waiting for them to review our blogs. You can even automate the PING when there is an update. All things I still need to do using the easy instructions.
I look forward to more of our Kinesiologists writing posts as our blogs and podcasts grow.
Happy Blogging