Trying this WordPress Thing

Paper Desk Choas

It was back in 2008 when I had my website overhauled by a professional organization. Since then it has become increasingly more difficult to change the information and design. Their suggestion was that they build an integrated website on  WordPress that can also be viewable via mobile devices.

Today I completed the my first attempt at a mobile website – see it at I am not certain why I have been so scared of WordPress or doing this website thing on my own.  Back in 1995 I created a website via HTML that garnered a phone call from a headhunting company that for a company that wanted my skills.  My whole life has been surround by software development. So, I kinda of get the gist of how it should work.

My first step is to see if I can convert the old Red Dragon Entrepreneur from Blogger

Wish me luck at sorting out this mess! Time to get my websites out of what seems like the dark ages.